Hugh Sutton

Hugh was born in Seattle Washington quite a number of years ago .    

Between that time and now, he learned to play the piano and accordion, went to music school, grew a beard, started collecting vintage ties and vinyl record albums and joined Zazou.  He has played with a great many folks including Baby Gramps, Sheila Fox's Erotic Klezmer Cabaret, Jack Cook, Mummery, Paul Benoit, Powerlight, Hanuman, The Dudley Manlove Quartet, Reggie Miles and really just a whole lot of folks.  He is a member of Seattle's Circus Contraption ( ). He is the musical director of children's musical productions in several schools, and has been in numerous performances and productions, scored a film, composed music, collaborated with artists, made many recordings and been an integral part of a great many fine musical projects in the Northwest.